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A beautiful cedar roof can last for many years as long as it is properly maintained. Many homeowners can perform simple maintenance and some repair tasks themselves as long as they have the right knowledge and tools to do so. It is still important for a professional Norwalk roofing contractor familiar with cedar roofing to inspect the entire roof and make repairs at least once a year.

Although cedar wood is durable and weather resistant, it is still vulnerable to the effects of pooling water. Pooling water occurs when debris such as leaves, branches or pine needles collect on the roof and clog the normal drainage pathways. The buildup also prevents the wood from breathing, increasing the possibility of rot. It is important to keep all such debris from accumulating on a cedar roof. Branches and overhanging foliage should also be cleared away so that they do not shed extra debris onto the roof. This kind of simple maintenance should be done year round. In the winter, large amounts of accumulated snow should be cleared away from the roof. This will prevent ice damming, which tends to be the most common cause of pooling water during the winter months.

There are a variety of means to clean a cedar roof of debris. The best method of removing most debris is to spray it off using a garden hose and nozzle head. Large branches or accumulated debris may need to be removed by hand or swept off.

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Even though a cedar roof is more resistant to damage from walking compared to other roof materials, it is best to avoid walking on the roof as much as possible. Using a power washer to clean the roof is a controversial alternative. In most cases, powerwashing is not necessary to clear the debris. Using a powerwasher without knowledge and experience can cause severe damage to the roof. It is easy to strip off finishes and coatings that may be protecting the wood from algae and rot. There is also a possibility of damaging a shingle to the point where it needs to be replaced.

If a cedar shake or shingle is badly damaged, it can be individually replaced without you having to worry about a mismatched replacement. Since cedar wood is a completely natural material, it has remained largely unchanged over the centuries. A replaced shingle is likely to have an almost identical appearance as an older shingle, except for some color change due to weathering.

Algae, moss and rot may build up on untreated shingles. If a roof has been made with untreated shingles, then a strip or zinc or copper can be nailed at the ridge cap to help prevent this buildup. A shingle that already has a substantial buildup of algae or any rot should be replaced.

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