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When the time comes to replace an existing roof, homeowners will need to consider both the material and its color. While the colors on the roof may seem purely cosmetic, they actually make a big difference in the reflectance of heat energy as well as the home's comfort level during periods of extreme warmth or cold weather. Local Norwalk roofing experts can help property owners sort through the different color options and choose one that best suits their needs.

Light colors reflect the greatest amount of the sun's energy, returning 70 percent or more of it right back into the atmosphere. In places that have warm to hot summers, this can lead to a significant savings on air conditioning costs. By choosing white shingles or tiles, homeowners could enjoy a much more comfortable upstairs or finished attic space. In places that have long, cold winters, dark colors are better because they will hold in more of the sun's energy.

The material from which the roof is made is also a factor in how much of the sun's heat gets reflected back into the air. Metal has the greatest level of reflective power.

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This can be compounded if the metal is covered with a white coating and if a layer of insulation is applied to the roof's decking before the metal sheets are installed.

After metal, slate tiles are the next most reflective material. Choosing a light color of slate can also aid with the deflection of heat energy back into the environment. Clay tiles and concrete tiles also offer these properties but to a lesser extent.

A home that receives full sun exposure and has warm summers would gain the most energy efficiency by having a light or white colored rooftop. Although a house with this color scheme would be a little cooler in the winter, the summertime energy savings would more than make up the difference.

In the future, homeowners may be able to have the best of both worlds. Roofing companies are working on the development of shingles that will turn white during the summer to deflect heat. In the winter, the shingles would turn black to absorb heat from the sun. In addition to the shingle research, companies are also investigating a spray on solution that would work for existing roofs. Contractors or owners could apply it to their current roof surfaces, such as asphalt shingles, built up tar and rubber roofing or clay tiles and achieve the same energy saving effects.

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