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Selecting the right roofing material requires thoughtful analysis of a number of factors most frequently relating to cost, appearance, durability, maintenance, protection and energy efficiency. Every homeowner will have varying priorities, so developing a deep understanding of the benefits offered by each roofing material is essential. Cedar roofing shingles in particular have several qualities that make them a viable option across different individual circumstances. These shingles aid in protecting against many of the most common Norwalk roofing issues, but protection is not the only positive aspect for homeowners who opt for this roofing material.

Cedar is known for its exceptional durability, which is why it is often the wood of choice for outdoor building projects. While it is indeed a long lasting and weather resistant material, cedar also offers a clear benefit in terms of aesthetics. Over time, the wood ages well and begins to adopt the silvery appearance with which it is so frequently associated. It is for this reason that these shingles are suitable for just about any architectural style and therefore serve as an ideal complement for both existing and newly constructed homes.

For a roofing material, protection is imperative. Cedar is considered one of the best protective materials when it comes to rain, snow, wind, hail and ice, as its sturdy construction makes it quite resistant to weather damage.

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Due to its solid reputation, cedar shingle roofs are typically expected to enjoy a longevity that exceeds many of the other available options, often by as much as a full decade.

In addition to their protective qualities and pleasing appearance, cedar roofs also assist in insulating the home. When compared to asphalt shingles, for example, cedar offers double the insulating capability, helping homeowners reduce energy expenditures associated with heating and cooling. With many homeowners focused on adopting sustainable energy practices, the use of cedar as a roofing material provides a viable and eco friendly option that comes from a renewable resource.

Like all roofing materials, cedar shingles require maintenance in order to ensure its continued effectiveness and function. This material may be more prone than others to the growth of mold, mildew and moss, but there are many simple methods for preventing or eliminating this type of growth from the roofing system. When compared to other options, cedar shingles may be more costly at the time of installation, but the longevity of the material and its energy efficient qualities still result in a solid return on investment over time.

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