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Norwalk Roofing: Article About Benefits and Costs Of Cedar Roofing

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Cedar is a naturally beautiful and durable wood that is often overlooked as a roofing material. Many homes and commercial buildings can benefit from the long lasting elegance of a cedar roof. It is important to fully understand the various advantages and costs associated with a cedar roof before committing to using the material. A Norwalk Roofing contractor that routinely works with cedar can help a building owner make the decision if a cedar roof is right for them.

Lasting beauty is one of the distinct advantages to using cedar. The wood has a long history of durability in a variety of weather conditions. The rich reddish gold color of fresh cedar shingles develops over time into a silver gray. Many owners find that a cedar roof is just as beautiful after many years of weathering as it was when first installed.

Although a homeowner may be wary of using wood as a roofing material, cedar has a special quality. There are natural oils found in cedar wood that make it more resistant to water damage and rot than other types of wood. The wood can also be treated with various chemicals that will further help prevent mold and rot.

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With the proper installation, maintenance and treatment, a cedar roof is just as viable against wind, rain and snow as any other roofing material.

Those looking for eco friendly materials will also be happy with cedar roofing. It is worthwhile to find a supplier with sustainable harvesting practices. Cedar roofs are also energy efficient because they act as a natural insulation barrier. This keeps heat from escaping through the roof in the winder and prevents the sun from heating the interior on hot days. All of this can add up to significant reductions in energy costs at all times of the year.

The downside of cedar roofing is the overall cost. Cedar tends to be more expensive upfront than common roofing materials such as bitumen, but it may still be cheaper than certain premium materials such as slate. Since it is durable and long lasting, these initial costs are offset over time.

Consistent maintenance is more important for a cedar roof than just about any other type of roofing material. The roof is extremely susceptible to pooling water, so keeping the roof, louvers and vents clean of debris is very important. Ventilation above and below the roof is also important. Ensure that attic spaces are properly ventilated. Giving a cedar roof proper attention will ensure that it remains a beautiful and effective part of the home for years to come.

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