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There are many components in a functional roofing system. Many of the parts that exist on the rooftop are vital to its operation, and homeowners should know what sections to inspect in order to make sure that the entire system works as well as desired. One of the most important areas of the roof that Norwalk roofing professionals can install and help maintain is the drip edge. While many roofs have a drip edge, homeowners are not always aware of its presence, and they should consider the value of this component in order to make the most of their system.

The drip edge is a long, sturdy piece of metal that is usually installed at every edge of the roof's deck. These installations may come in several different sizes, shapes and colors, but they are always designed to provide the roof with the same function. A seamless drip edge installation is the most desirable, and many experts provide such variety to their installation options in order to allow the edge to blend in with the rest of the roof.

This addition has several functions that can help improve any roofing system. To begin, the drip edge helps support the shingles by providing an additional structural layer against their weight. The shingles are installed in such a way that they overhang the roof's edge by an inch or two.

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If the drip edge is missing, then the roof's shingles may begin to curl downward and into the eaves trough, resulting in leaks and damage along the rest of the roof's surface.

The drip edge can also be advantageous in the way that it prevents small animals from burrowing into the attic. Because of how it is placed and the material that it is made out of, a rigid metal drip edge will be much more difficult for animals to try to dig and chew their way through. Without the drip edge, the animal may be able to pry through the shingles and find their way into the attic beneath the roof.

Finally, the installation of a drip edge can help save homeowners in rooftop replacement costs. Because of how efficiently the drip edge is able to protect the deck from water damage, it can extend the life of the roof by several years, depending on the primary shingle material. These components can help protect one of the most sensitive parts of the roof, which can guarantee that unnecessary weather and rot damage does not mar an otherwise efficiently functioning roof.

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