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Norwalk Roofing: Article About Avoiding Common Causes Of Roof Damage

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Many of the more common Norwalk roofing issues can be prevented, but keeping these problems from developing requires a keen understanding of what causes them in the first place. Homeowners who regularly implement preventive measures to ensure continued roof function are less likely to require extensive repairs in the future and may successfully extend the lifespan of their roof by a significant margin. Therefore, being able to identify the root causes of the most common roofing issues is an essential component of home ownership.

Roofing issues often become apparent due to the presence of relatively serious weather conditions such as heavy rain, high winds or significant snowfall. While it is not possible to prevent severe weather events, homeowners can reduce the likelihood of weather damage through proper preparation. Ensuring that the roofing components are properly secured using the appropriate fasteners will reduce the possibility of wind lifting shingles and other materials from the roof, while keeping nearby trees trimmed will limit the likelihood that any limbs fall onto the roof.

Water damage is one of the more concerning issues for homeowners, as it may take some time before homeowners even realize that a leak is allowing water into the home.

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The flashing and sealant used on the roof should be checked regularly for any signs of wear that may lead to a leak causing water damage. Rusted flashing and cracked sealant should be repaired or replaced quickly, and the attic should be checked for any signs of leaks. To prevent more extensive damage to the roofing materials, the source of the leak should be identified and addressed as soon as possible.

The winter months bring ice and snow that can wreak havoc on a roof that has not been prepared for the freezing weather. A properly ventilated attic will limit the likelihood of ice dams forming in winter, and a gutter system that is regularly cleared of debris will assist in preventing this issue as well. Seamless gutters will reduce the buildup of debris, but homeowners should still check and clear their gutters on a regular basis to prevent further issues.

While water damage rightly gets a great deal of attention from homeowners, many fail to consider the impact of UV rays on the shingles that protect their roof. Constant exposure to the sun can lead to granule loss, so homeowners should inspect the shingles often to ensure that the protective granules are not lost. These granules often end up in the gutter, so a homeowner who observes this buildup should begin to consider replacing the degraded shingles to ensure the continued function of the roofing system.

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