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Sprayed polyurethane foam, or SPF as it is commonly known, has become one of the most popular types of roofing installed by Norwalk roofing companies. While its initial cost is relatively high, it requires zero maintenance and provides perhaps the best protection against leakage of any material. For this reason, it's especially popular in areas that see a great deal of precipitation. It's often found on roofs in affluent areas due to both the significant cost of purchase and the desire of owners of valuable homes to safeguard their property.

The first step that roofers installing SPF will take varies based on the current roofing situation. If the roof is bare and does not already have any roofing material, the roofers will do a cursory inspection of the plywood sheathing to ensure it is in good order. However, a roof with existing roofing material will need to be inspected more thoroughly. This is because any damage in the existing roofing material may prevent the SPF from forming a watertight seal with it and the roofing felt in between.

When the roofers are satisfied with the condition of the roof, they will have an apprentice clean it thoroughly. An apprentice is a new roofer who is beginning to learn the trade; he or she is usually delegated such tasks by the more experienced roofers.

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Cleaning a roof in preparation for SPF usually involves sweeping the entire roof with a special roofing broom. Sometimes, the roof will need to be rinsed and dried as well, but this is generally only the case if the roof is extremely dirty.

Once the roof has been cleaned properly, the roofers will apply roofing felt. This is a cotton or polyester fabric covered with asphalt. It serves as both an additional protection against moisture and as an ideal surface for the SPF to adhere to. The roofing felt is laid out in horizontal strips. Roofers will generally start laying felt at the bottom of the roof and work their way up. The felt is fastened to the plywood sheathing below with a staple gun.

Now that the roofing felt has been secured, it is finally time to spray the foam. Roofers use a specially made sprayer for this part, and generally, one roofer on a team specializes in applying the foam. This is because it is quite difficult to get an even 1.5 inch thick layer on the roof as is required.

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