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Roofing materials and roof type are not the same thing. Roofing materials, referring to choices such as shingle type, can be applied to any type of roof. Roof type applies to the overall appearance and shape of a roof. A Norwalk roofing professional can help homeowners sort through their options to select the type of roof likely to fit in with the overall design of their home.

The type of roof that a homeowner selects for their home is based on several factors. The most important of these factors is local weather conditions. For instance, a flat roof isn't a good idea in areas with a high annual snowfall since accumulated snow will add significant weight to that type of roof, possibly damaging the overall roof structure. The prevailing style in the neighborhood is also considered, as is the basic architectural design of a home.

A gabled roof is a classic roofing style with two slopes forming a peak or ridge at the top. This type of roof allows for the easy flow of excess rain or snow since it's a triangular roofing design with a high roof pitch. However, gabled roofs need to be properly braced in areas prone to strong winds. A variation, more appropriate for larger roofs, is a cross gabled roof consisting of two crossing gables.

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Cape Cod and Colonial homes feature a front gable.

A gambrel roof is most common on Dutch Colonial style homes and farmhouses. It's a flatter roof resembling a bell in its shape. Gambrels can face either the front or the side.

A hipped roof is most common on bungalow style homes. Hipped roofs, sloping from all sides, have large eaves and a low pitch to allow for better drainage. It's also a design that tends to be more resistant to high winds. A pavilion hipped roof is a variation often used on ranch style and colonial homes.

Common on Ranch style and Victorian homes, a Mansard roof is a type of roof characterized by a flat area at the top rather than a triangular shape. Each of the four sloping sides of a Mansard roof becomes steeper halfway down. The lower slope is often punctured by dormer windows.

A saltbox roof is a gabled roof where the two sides are not symmetrical. Saltbox roofs are most common on older Colonial style homes. Saltbox roofs are often used for home additions. However, such roofs don't allow for much attic space. The slope is generally steep enough to allow for proper runoff.

Each type of roof has unique advantages and disadvantages for homeowners. By choosing the right type of roof, a homeowner can increase the odds of enjoying a greater life expectancy from their roof.

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