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Many homeowners who are looking for a new roof are interested in installing metal roof panels. There are several different types of metal panels that can be installed, and each type has certain physical features that may make them a better option for certain homes or commercial buildings. Before making a decision, a Greenwich roofing contractor may be able to discuss the available options and help the homeowner make a decision.

Concealed Fastener, or CF, panels use a lock joint system that hides the fasteners but provides a clean look for the home. They are 12 inches wide with 1 inch inverted "V" shaped hooks that run the length of the panels. These panels come in a wide range of colors that last for years. CF panels are energy efficient, are extremely durable against hail and can withstand winds of up to 140 mph. The metal is also fire resistant. Depending on the homeowner's insurance, installing these panels may provide some savings.

AP panels are similar to CF panels in design, but the main difference is that these panels are 24 inches wide and have a third inverted "V" shape in the middle.

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While these panels are typically installed on residential roofing, they can also work for certain commercial buildings. Like CF panels, they are also resistant to wind, rain and fire.

U panels are made from steel. They span 36 inches and have short inverted "U" shapes every 6 inches that line the length of the panel. Although it is usually not recommended, these panels can sometimes be installed directly over existing shingles if those shingles are in good condition. They also are fire, hail and wind resistant and come in a wide range of colors.

R panels are similar to U panels in that they span 36 inches and have inverted "U" shapes. These "U" shapes are spaced every 12 inches. In between the "U" shapes are two sets of grooves. These panels can also be used to cover existing shingles. These panels have similar advantages to the other panels, including durability, wind and fire resistance.

Ultimately, the type of panel that is chosen depends on the look of the panel. All panel types have similar advantages when it comes to safety and durability, including resistance to hail and fire. An expert roofer may be able to provide samples to demonstrate what the different panels may look like when installed on the roof.

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