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Greenwich Roofing: Article About Three Roofing Misconceptions

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When it comes to Greenwich roofing installation, general maintenance and ensuring that the roofing materials are adequately functioning, there are a few common roofing misconceptions among many homeowners. Here are the top three that homeowners should be aware of in order to avoid having to go through the hassle or repairing or replacing their roof due to a lack of understanding about how to properly maintain it.

One of the biggest myths associated with roofs is that gutters do not play a major role in enhancing longevity because they are not an actual part of the roofing system. In reality, gutters are a part of the roofing system, which is why many roofing companies offer gutter installation services. They also play a huge role in diverting water away from the surface of the roof, which helps to protect other components such as the roof deck, the soffit and the fascia board. The primary purpose of the roof is to protect the interior of the home from water damage, and the gutters are the final step in the installation process. They catch water runoff and prevent it from pooling around the perimeter of the home, which protects the foundation and lawn from becoming water damaged.

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Each time a homeowner replaces their roof, it is imperative to have a new gutter system installed as well in order to enhance the new roof's longevity. Gutters should also be regularly cleaned in order to keep them free from debris buildup as well.

A similar misconception is that the flashing does not need to be replaced whenever a new roof is installed. Flashing is comprised of a thin sheet of metal, which is most often galvanized steel or aluminum. The purpose of flashing is to protect any joints or protruding objects on the roof from becoming water damaged, such as chimneys and vent pipes. As flashing ages, it can begin to crack, become rusted, become loose or lose its seal. While the flashing might seem like a minor component of the roof, if it becomes compromised, it can adversely affect the entire roofing system, even if all of the other components are functioning at their prime.

Perhaps the biggest roofing misconception among homeowners is that a new roof can be installed on top of an existing one. However, even if the existing shingles look like they are in great shape, there can be a tremendous amount of invisible damage underneath them. While it might be tempting to avoid the additional expense of removing the existing roofing system in order to install a new one, the reality is that homeowners will save more money over time if they have their roof completely replaced without recycling its used materials.

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