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Gutters run along the outside edges of a roof and help to ensure that water flows off of the roof and away from a home. Although gutters are a fairly basic component of preventing water damage, they are very important to keeping a roof in good condition. If they fall into disrepair, a variety of problems requiring the attention of a Greenwich roofing service may occur.

Keeping water flowing off of a roof is important because, although a roof is designed to repel water, it is not designed to have water stay on it for long periods of time. Shingles are normally designed to repel water, and a roof underlayment and weatherproofing can help to keep even driving rain from making its way into a home, but these systems only work well if water is moving.

When water stays on a roof, it can work its way into the smallest openings and cause leaks. Leaks can cause a variety of problems, including warping rafters, which are essential support structures, as well as reducing the efficiency of insulation and allowing mold to form.

When gutters are in good condition, water that runs off of a roof is channeled to a downspout that runs vertically along an outside wall to the ground. Some downspouts are connected to a drainage system, but many others simply ensure that water is channeled away from a home's foundation.

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Gutters and downspouts need to be free of clogs and leaks. When gutters or the downspout clog, water can overflow. This can lead to standing water on a roof as well as water damage to side walls and a home's foundation. Clogs are generally the result of not clearing debris like leaves and bugs from gutters.

Having gutters cleaned twice a year, during the spring and fall, can help to ensure that water is able to flow through them smoothly. There are also traps covers for gutters that can help reduce the amount of debris that gathers, but traps and covers need to be cleaned as well or the gutter will eventually clog anyway.

Leaks can also cause major problems, which are essentially the same as those caused by overflowing gutters. A visual inspection of gutters can indicate to someone if they are leaking or clogged. Signs of problems include water overflowing from the side of a house and puddles gathering around the house under the roof's overhang. Depending on the state of the gutters, leaks may be able to be repaired instead of requiring the replacement of gutters.

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