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At some point, just about every homeowner is going to face the devastation of finding their roof has been damaged in a storm. Whether it is simply some cracked clay roofing tiles or it is the complete destruction of their entire roof, knowing how to navigate the insurance claims process is going to be an important part of reaching a fast settlement with the insurance company.

One of the first things homeowners need to realize is that not all damage is going to be covered under all insurance policies. Long before a homeowner needs to make a claim, they should read through their insurance policy and fully understand exactly what is covered as well as what will not be covered. If there are any questions, the homeowner should contact their insurance agent. Insurance agents will work with homeowners to ensure that they get the best coverage for their potential risks, financial needs, and budget.

Preparing ahead of time by finding a reputable Greenwich roofing contractor and making sure one understands their insurance coverage can make the process of filing a claim much less stressful.

The expert roofers at Sound Renovation of Greenwich can assist you with any questions regarding slate roofing or asphalt roofing.

The best time to start asking questions about insurance coverage, or if more comprehensive coverage is needed, is not when the homeowner is faced with major roof damage.

With a thorough understanding of their insurance policy, homeowners will be ready to act quickly should any storm damage occur. Before any type of cleanup or repair work can begin, it is imperative that the homeowner contact their insurance company. Typically, the policy holder will be given a special claims phone number to call in order to start the claim process.

The insurance company will send an agent out to the property to inspect the damaged roof. They might even take pictures. They will evaluate the age of the roof, the type of damage that occurred, and the policy coverage in order to arrive at a settlement.

When meeting with the insurance adjuster, it can be a good idea for a homeowner to have a reputable roofing contractor with them. The contractor can make sure that all damage is included in the insurance review and will have an opportunity to view the damage themselves so they can provide the homeowner with an estimate for repairs.

Once the insurance claim has been settled, the homeowner will already have a roofing contractor ready to begin work on their roof. Of course, choosing the right contractor is essential, but minimizing downtime can help reduce any delays.

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