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Greenwich Roofing: Article About Steps To Take After Storm Damage

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After major storm damage occurs to a home's roof, there are steps that homeowners must take to ensure the family's safety. Depending on what was damaged and how extensive it was, putting off these steps can lead to costlier repairs and safety issues later on. A leaking roof, for example, can go from waterlogged insulation to serious rot and mold within a few short weeks if it isn't fixed in a timely manner.

Homeowners need to contact a professional Greenwich roofing contractor right away. A roofing contractor will come to the home and thoroughly evaluate the extent of the damage. Roofing experts will check out the condition of the flashing, shingles, roof's edge, ridge caps and underlying structures of the roof. Gutters, fascia board and soffit also need to be checked after a storm. If contractors are suspicious about a potential leak, they will also look at the attic.

After determining the degree of damage, roof inspectors will give the homeowner a complete report of what they found. These roof inspections are free, so the homeowner isn't obligated to hire the first company they contact. In fact, it's best to get several estimates because many insurance companies require multiple quotes.

The next step is to call the insurance company and let them know about the damage.

The roofing experts at Sound Renovation of Greenwich CT can assist you with any questions regarding cedar roofing or slate roofing.

Most insurance companies require at least three quotes, so homeowners will need those handy when talking to their agent or the company directly. Verify that the type of damage sustained during the storm is covered by the policy. Homeowners also need to know what their deductible will be and how much they will be responsible for paying. The agent or company will set up an appointment for an adjustor or storm damage team to come out and inspect the roof as well.

Once the insurance company had agreed to the repairs or a total roof replacement, homeowners need to hire a dependable, trustworthy roofing company to carry out the job. Many roofing companies will work with both the homeowner and the insurance company. That way, the insurance benefit goes to the roofing contractor and only costs over that payment become the homeowner's responsibility.

However, some insurance policies only cover the actual cash value of the roof minus the homeowner's deductible and depreciation. In those cases, the insurance company might prefer to pay the homeowner directly. Homeowners need to make sure they clearly understand how the roof will be paid for before they hire a professional to do the work.

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