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While premium roofing products might initially cost more than other types of materials such as asphalt shingles, homeowners who choose to have a Greenwich Roofing professional install a premium product on their roof might actually save money over a long period of time. High end products tend to feature longer life spans, meaning that homeowners will not have to deal with the costs associated with repairing or replacing them as often as homeowners who have cheaper roofing materials installed. There are many different types of premium roofing materials available to purchase, but many homeowners prefer the unique aesthetic value that steel tiles achieve. Here are some facts associated with this popular roofing product.

Steel roofing tiles are constructed with several layers of materials, which make them incredibly strong. The center of the tile features solid steel, and the outside layers are typically constructed with fiberglass, synthetic plastics, stone, or an additional layer of metal. Each of the layers achieves excellent protection from rust development and weathering. Some manufacturers also engineer the steel tiles they produce to resemble other types of popular roofing materials, such as slate, clay tiles, and cedar shingles.

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Many homeowners appreciate that there is a wide range of available colors to choose from, which allows the finished roofing system to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the home's aesthetic features. Some of the newer types of steel tiles include painted granules that are essentially baked in, which helps to prevent color fading due to prolonged sun exposure and aging. This method also achieves a longer lasting, richer color, which requires less upkeep than conventional painting techniques.

While steel roofing tiles are incredibly strong, they are also extremely lightweight. They also provide enhanced protection from weather damage, feature fire resistant capabilities, and naturally repel insects. Steel is a reflective material, so it reflects the sun's heat back into the atmosphere, which helps to improve the home's energy efficiency. Many types of steel tiles are constructed from 100 percent recycled metals, and some are Energy Star classified. Steel tiles also feature extended warranties.

Unlike other types of traditional roofing materials, steel tiles will most likely not become damaged if an individual walks on them. Newer version of steel tiles feature an interlocking system on each side of the tile that makes the material even stronger than normal, which also helps to prevent water leaks. They require minimal regular maintenance; one of the most common maintenance tasks they do require is that it might be necessary to repaint the top layer after several years.

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