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Solar technology continues to drop in cost for residential property owners, making this energy source even more attractive than before. Homeowners may want to install rooftop solar panels as soon as possible, but this technology requires more than just a scheduled appointment. Greenwich roofing professionals must thoroughly survey a property before offering any solar array quote. Homeowners need to know about core solar details that directly impact the system's functionality over the years.

Contractors normally start with a complete property inspection. They'll analyze the home from the curb to see the roof's angle toward the sun. Homes must have a rooftop surface that faces either west, east or south. North facing roof areas don't work well for solar applications because sunlight barely strikes them. In most cases, contractors can narrow down a perfect rooftop location for intended solar panels. They'll document this information while continuing their evaluation process.

Professionals will spend considerable time on the rooftop, evaluating the deck and covering materials. Ideally, a roof should be a relatively new installation. Homeowners don't want to install panels this year and subsequently remove them next year to tear off and replace the roof itself.

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The deck must be solid so the solar mounting system has a strong connection point with the home's main framework. Structural strength and age must be gauged before adding any additional weight to the rooftop.

Homeowners could have the ultimate goal of powering the entire property with solar energy. This concept should be conveyed to the contractors during design negotiations. Some homes don't have the rooftop space to achieve this goal, however. Contractors will offer as many suggestions as possible, including additional panels in the yard, but residents must be flexible with their unique situation.

Contractors will verify the property's electrical panel during estimation processes. Solar panel systems must be hard wired to a dedicated circuit within the panel. If the electrical panel is too old, it cannot support the incoming energy source. Homeowners may need to update their panels to support the new solar array. Contractors might have several electrical associates they can call for the work too.

Homeowners should still keep up with basic roof maintenance appointments after a solar installation. Roofers carefully remove the panels to access shingles below, for example. These appointments are more important than ever because professionals can also inspect panels for any issues. Caring for all rooftop components allows them to last for several decades without major problems.

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