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First time homeowners may not know about all of the different components that make up their roofing system. Each of these parts has a vital function in making sure that the home is protected from weather, debris and sun damage. Much like how any mechanism may fail if a single component is compromised, so too can the roof fail if any of its parts malfunction. In order to make the most of the roof's surface, homeowners should learn more about the different components of their rooftop before they call Greenwich roofing specialists for some type of repair or replacement procedure.

One of the most important sections of the roof is the space beneath it. The attic may not be a mechanical part of the roofing system's surface, but it plays a critical role in making sure that the underneath of the roof is protected. Attic insulation, ventilation and vapor barrier systems are designed to contribute to the roof's health, helping extend its life by several years.

Another important part of the roof is its eaves troughs and gutters. These structures are vital in making sure that water is carried away from the home and roof by establishing an open pipe system that transfers the liquids. Some complicated systems may even allow homeowners to repurpose the carried water as greywater for agricultural and cleaning purposes around the home.

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All roofing systems have metal flashings installed as well. These are thin and durable metal strips that are added to the roof in order to provide it with additional support and protection from all types of weather damage and decay. These flashings include things such as the drip edge, the rake edge and the valley metal sections.

The roof's deck refers to the primary architecture that establishes the roof's design. It includes components such as the framing, the trusses and the plywood sheet that creates the structure for the roof. All other additions to the roof depend on the roof's deck for support and shaping. Further surface additions are usually added to the deck in order to protect it from weather damage.

Finally, most homeowners are familiar with the roof's shingles. This is the outermost layer on the roof and it does the vast majority of the protecting. Shingles may be made from any variety of materials, including asphalt, metal and even wood. The roof's shingles make sure that the bulk of the weather damage that the roof can face is deflected, though homeowners should be sure to look after their shingles to get the most use out of them.

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