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When a roof is installed, the contractors typically use nail guns and solid shank roofing nails to secure the shingles, tiles or sheets. For metal roofs, the nail's strength is of particular importance due to the risk of uplifting winds that can tear off entire sheets of the galvanized steel, corrugated tin or copper. If a homeowner or roofer notices that shingles have popped up or gone missing, a spiral shank nail makes for a stronger replacement. Experienced Greenwich roofing contractors can install these, or homeowners could consider doing it themselves.

To fix nail problems in metal roofs, a few supplies and tools are needed. These include a claw hammer, caulking gun, caulk or metal roof sealant, a utility knife, a small piece of lumber, one package of spiral shank roofing nails or spiral screws and an electric screw gun. An extension ladder, helmet and work gloves may also be helpful to the worker. This project should be done on a mild and dry day.

Begin by removing the nail that has become loose. The claw part of a hammer works best for this.

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To avoid denting the metal sheeting while pulling out the problematic nail, place a small piece of scrap lumber underneath the hammer's head before pulling.

Use the caulking gun to shoot a stream of roof sealant or silicon caulk into the hole where the nail was. Put a new spiral shank nail into the hole. This nail should be a bit larger than the previous one in order to ensure a tight fit. Use the electric screw gun to drive in the new nail. Put a bead of the sealant or caulk on the head of the new nail. Allow the sealant to cure for about 24 hours.

If the new nail still will not sit flat on the roof's surface, try putting in two additional spiral shank nails, located 1 inch to the left and right of the original nail. This helps to ensure that the nails are traveling all the way through the underlay and into the rafters.

If many roofing nails have popped up, there may be an underlying problem that a professional contractor should investigate. The roofing felt may have shifted or wrinkled, or perhaps the underlay or battens are not lining up with the locations of the nails. It is important that the nails are securely through all the roof's layers to prevent the sheets of metal from blowing away during the next strong or severe storm.

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