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Despite location, any house with a roof has the potential to leak. Most people imagine that the primary reason for a leak is missing shingles, but this is only one of many reasons. Most Greenwich roofing contractors suggest that homeowners check the shingles first, but these companies also have suggestions on where else to look when a leak is suspected.

Shingles are the number one reason for leaks, because they are prone to erosion, cracking, and aging. The job of a shingle is to protect the roof from damage, but they take the brunt of the environment. While most owners take a look at their roofs from time to time, it is easy to miss a loose or broken shingle. Fortunately, a professional inspection every couple of years, and an inspection by the homeowner after major weather events, can help to keep damaged shingles under control.

Another common issue with roofing is damaged flashing. Since flashing is made of metal, it is susceptible to rusting, corrosion, and bending. When these things occur, water can easily seep into the interior of the roofing and cause damage. Homeowners can only see some of the flashing on the roof.

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So, if a leak in this area is suspected, a roofing contractor should be contacted to perform an inspection.

Many roofs have ventilation and plumbing systems running through them, and the area around these protrusions is susceptible to leaking. If there is a leak in the roof and one of these systems is present, the homeowner may want to check this before examining any shingles.

Homeowners should also look at the area around the chimney when a leak is suspected. Regardless of the chimney's construction material, the area can experience swelling, cracking, corrosion, or other degradations. If a roof has a chimney, a homeowner should suspect this area as the source of the leak.

Many people love their skylights, but the downside of these windows is that they easily allow water into the roofing system. Essentially, a skylight is a hole in the roof with a piece of glass and caulking holding it altogether. Over time, these materials age and break down. Fortunately, most roofing contractors can repair a leak in this area with ease.

These are only the most common areas associated with roof leaks, and leaks can occur in a variety of locations. If a homeowner suspects a roof leak, but cannot find the source, they should reach out to a trusted roofing contractor.

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