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When contemplating getting a new roof, homeowners need to decide if they are going to tear off the old roof and put a new layer of shingles over it or if they will simply shingle over the existing roofing material, essentially having two roofs. Greenwich roofing contractors encourage homeowners to consider the pros and cons of both options before making their decision.

Reroofing over an existing a layer of shingles is usually the least expensive option. It can quickly fix leaks and other issues while improving the appearance of the home. Also, it is a much cleaner option since all of the old roofing material is left intact and does not need to be disposed of. Before a second layer of roofing can be added, the existing roof must be in good condition. An inspection should be done, specifically looking for soft spots or evidence of rotten, weak, or compromised structural components. If the roof seems solid and straight, it may be a good candidate for a second layer of material to be placed over it.

When a second layer of roofing material is added, metal tile, shingles, or shakes are usually the best material to be used. Metal is the lightest roofing material and will not put unnecessary stress on the structure.

The roofing experts at Sound Renovation of Greenwich CT can assist you with any questions regarding asphalt roofing or metal roofing.

Homeowners need to be concerned about how much stress a second layer of roofing material will place on the structure of their home. They need to find out if local building codes will allow a second layer of roofing. Also, they should consider the warranty of the roofing material since warranties can sometimes be voided if used in multiple layers.

Many professionals recommend a complete tear off of old roofing material to allow the roof decking to be thoroughly inspected. Any issues with the rafters, sheathing, flashing, gutters and almost anything else can be immediately detected, and the issue can be addressed.

If there are two layers of shingles on a roof, this attracts more heat. High levels of heat can cause the shingles to prematurely deteriorate. If there was dark algae growth and bacteria on the original layer, this bacteria and algae will now be trapped between the layers of shingles, which can also shorten the life of the roof and lead to mold growth, rotting wood, insect infestation and other problems.

Homeowners should take the time to get familiar with the options that are available to them and each option's benefits and disadvantages.

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