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At some point, it is likely that a homeowner will have to have a new roof installed, especially if the home has an asphalt roof. Before the new roof can be replaced, however, the remains of the original roof must be torn off. Although it is always recommended that a professional Greenwich roofing contractor do the roof tear off, the homeowner should have an idea of what is going to happen.

When the project is about to commence, the homeowner should turn off the power to the HVAC system. To keep dust and nails out of the ductwork, a piece of plywood can be placed over the air conditioner. Tarps should also be placed over the plants to protect them from falling nails and construction materials.

Working on the roof, especially a roof that has reached the end of its estimated lifespan, can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, the roofers will do some prep work prior to tearing off the old roof materials. Roof jacks will be attached to the rafters just below the area where the roofer intends to begin stripping the shingles.

On the day the tear off is scheduled, a trash container will be brought to the site.

An expert roofer from Sound Renovation of Greenwich can assist you with any questions regarding asphalt roofing or cedar roofing.

The roofers will begin to strip the shingles that are furthest away from the container. Some roofers will use roof forks and shovels that are specifically designed to pull up shingles and nails. As the pieces come loose, they may slide down the roof jacks. If they do not, the roofer will pick up the pieces and throw them into the trash. The shingles will be removed in sections that measure between 2 and 3 feet wide starting at the roof peak and moving down. Once a column is completed, the roofer will start a new column working down from the peak.

Once the roofer reaches the roof jacks, the jacks will have to be removed. The remaining shingles lining the edge of the roof can then be removed. If the roof has an ice and water barrier, roofers may be able to scrape up the barrier or just leave it be.

Tearing off old roofing materials is not particularly difficult. The main concern when dealing with the roof is safety concerns. Most homeowners do not know how to safely move around on the roof or have the necessary safety equipment. Not only do expert roofers have the proper training to do a tear off safely, they also can complete the tear off and subsequent installation of the new roof quickly.

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