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Greenwich Roofing: Article About Primary Benefits Of Aluminum Roofing Materials

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Because of its low maintenance, durability and inexpensive features, many homeowners have begun to replace their old, outdated roofs with aluminum roofing materials. Aluminum is a lightweight product that can be installed on a residential home without the need for installing additional structural support, and it is not susceptible to becoming brittle during extremely cold seasons. It features excellent fire resistant capabilities, and it resists insect and animal nesting. Homes that are located in coastal regions of the United States also benefit from having an aluminum roof installed because it naturally resists rusting and corrosion, which is a common nuisance because of salty air conditions. Aluminum roofs can be installed as either individual shingles or as a standing seam roof system, and many feature warranties that can last for up to 50 years. Homeowners who are interested in learning about how much it might cost to have an aluminum roof installed are encouraged to contact a Greenwich roofing professional. Here are some additional benefits associated with aluminum roofing materials.

Because aluminum roofing products classify as cool roof materials, they are considered a green roofing option.

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Aluminum reflects the majority of the sun's rays and releases the heat back into the atmosphere, which helps indoor temperatures remain cooler during the summer. The most energy efficient version of available aluminum roofing materials is coated with granules and painted with reflective paint, which reflects heat much better than unpainted aluminum does.

Depending on the specific type of aluminum roofing material that's being installed, homeowners may also qualify for government rebates or certain tax credits as long as the product is classified Energy Star or cool roof. Some aluminum roofing materials are also constructed from recycled materials, which is an added bonus for environmentally conscious individuals.

Whenever roofing contractors install a new aluminum roof, they often can place it on top of an existing roofing system, which cuts down on landfill pollution and the additional costs associated with labor. In the rare case that an aluminum roof will ever need to be replaced due to extensive damage, it can be recycled as scrap metal.

Another advantage to purchasing aluminum roofing material is the variety of designs and architectural styles that are available. Aluminum is extremely malleable, which creates the ability for manufacturers to design custom shingles that can feature elaborate details. With the wide range of textures and patterns available, a homeowner can easily achieve a custom look for their roof.

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