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Mold damage to a home can be quite extensive and can affect many areas that are not easily accessed by the homeowner. Certain types of this microorganism can cause or exacerbate health conditions. Mold growth prevention is a subject that should be addressed, especially in areas that receive a lot of moisture. Mold spores are capable of quickly spreading throughout a home. With the use of preventive measures and proper home and roof maintenance, homeowners reduce the likelihood of requiring mold remediation or having to invest in repairs that could have been avoided with relative ease.

Insufficient attic ventilation is one of the more common issues encountered by Greenwich roofing specialists. Unbalanced airflow in the attic and throughout the roofing system can lead to a number of undesirable outcomes, including the stimulation of extensive mold growth. Warm air from the outside becomes trapped in the attic during the summer months and combines with the presence of moisture to create the ideal conditions for rapid growth throughout the home.

During the winter, the warm air used to heat the home can make its way into the attic and lead to similar circumstances that not only cause mold, but also contribute to the formation of ice dams on the roof.

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It is for these reasons and more that homeowners should remain cognizant of the efficiency of their roofing ventilation system throughout each season and should address any issues when necessary.

When the right conditions are present, mold is capable of taking root in a home in as short as 24 to 72 hours. Warm air and moisture serve as the prerequisites. Since spores are just about everywhere, allowing these conditions to go unchecked will likely lead to growth. Appropriate ventilation can prevent warm air from lingering in the attic and the rest of the home, but moisture sources must also be addressed.

Leaks in the roofing system can contribute to more than just mold growth as the wooden roofing materials can warp, buckle or rot out due to moisture. The potential for structural integrity loss caused by roof leaks is particularly troubling, so any preventive measures that protect against this issue should be taken very seriously.

Roof leaks have a great deal of root causes, some of which are minor but still must be corrected in a timely fashion. Roof punctures, damaged or lost shingles, rusted flashing and cracked sealant all allow water to circumvent the roof's protective barrier, so these seemingly minor repairs can quickly lead to extensive and potentially costly issues. Homeowners who make sure these issues are repaired as quickly as possible are much more likely to avoid a host of serious problems, including the potential growth of mold.

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