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When the floors, cabinets and paint in a home start to deteriorate, it becomes obvious that repairs or replacement need to be considered. This is also true for one repair on many dwellings that may go unrecognized. If the shingles on a home become worn, buckled or curl, nasty leaks could begin that have the potential to cause considerable damage. All homeowners must be diligent in finding and stopping any leaks if they occur. To do this, a person should follow a few investigative steps.

If the owner of a home sees or hears dripping water, this is a definite sign that a problem leak has developed. The next step for them would be to call a professional Greenwich roofing contractor and obtain an estimate on the cost of roof repair. Unfortunately, many leaks may not be this easy to spot. However, water leaks will form a few clues as to where they may be found. When floors, walls or ceilings develop staining, dampness or bulging, there may be a leak behind them. Also, mold growth is another clue that a problem may be present.

Another place where leaks can be found is in the attic.

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To check for leaks in this portion of a house, a homeowner needs to carry a bright source of light and investigate every nook and cranny where access is available. Areas that are damp, have mold growth or smell musty have a high potential for housing a leak. However, from inside, it is difficult for the owner of a home to access underlayment, decking or shingles. A trip to the top of the roof must be completed to really know if damage has occurred. This should only be done by a homeowner if he or she feels comfortable and safe. Otherwise, a professional should be called in to locate any damage.

When it is safe for a homeowner to climb on top of their roof, shingles should be examined. If there is any buckling, curling or missing portions, there may be areas of rot that have developed. By prying up areas where damage is visible, it will expose any problems. When doing this, it is also advisable to have someone inside to guide the person on top of the roof as to where water may be leaking. Portions of a roof where a leak has developed may not always show visible signs of outside damage.

By periodically checking for clues that expose the presence of a leaky roof, a homeowner should be able to stay on top of the situation.

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