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Greenwich Roofing: Article About Installing Roll Roofing Over Existing Roofing

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Many homeowners contract a Greenwich Roofing company to have their existing roof covered with roll roofing. While many types of roofing material can be installed over existing roofs, roll roofing is made specifically for that purpose.

Roll roofing can also be installed on a bare roof, but several aspects of the design make it ideal for installation over existing roofing materials. It is very light, so it will not put a large amount of stress on the structure of the roof. Also, the manner in which it is composed is important. It is made out of fairly thin and easily maneuverable sheets. Roofers can spread the sheets out and nail them down when installing the material. This is considerably easier than the process for installing shingles, for example. Even SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam) needs to be sprayed onto the roof to ensure that it is of a uniform thickness all the way around. While the process roofers undertake to install roll roofing is simple, it is still quite involved and not recommended for amateurs.

The first thing that a roofer installing roll roofing over an existing roof will do is inspect the current roofing material. If it is damaged quite heavily, it will need to be replaced. Even a small crack may endanger the roll roofing that will be above it.

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If the underlying surface is not solid, then the roll roofing will not have enough support.

When the current roofing material has passed a stringent inspection, the roofer will clean it thoroughly. Any dirt or residue on the underlying material may prevent the roll roofing or the roofing felt (which will go in between the roll roofing and the existing roof) from forming a watertight seal. The roofer may have an assistant with him that is learning the trade. If that is the case, he will likely have the apprentice sweep off the roof.

Once the roof is clean, it's time for the roofers to install the roofing felt. This will provide another layer of protection against water penetrating the roof. It will also help ensure that the roll roofing is properly seated. The roll roofing is fastened to the roof with a staple gun.

After the roofing felt has been installed, it's time for the roofers to lay down the roll roofing itself. Generally, the rolls will be spread out horizontally from the bottom of the roof up. The roofers will secure it one strip at a time with special roofing nails.

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