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Greenwich Roofing: Article About Improper Ventilation Repercussions

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One of the most damaging elements in nature to a roof is the sun's rays, especially for roofs that are located in hot climates. Direct sunlight can be extremely dangerous to the roof if it does not feature adequate ventilation because the sun can easily double the outside temperatures on the surface of the roof, especially if the roofing shingles absorb heat. The combination of prolonged ultraviolet radiation exposure and intense heat can lessen the longevity of the roofing system. Greenwich roofing professionals understand that the only remedy to this common dilemma is to ensure that there is adequate roofing ventilation, which begins in the attic area inside the home.

The attic has a direct correlation with the outside temperatures, which is why it is often much hotter or colder than other rooms inside the home. Properly ventilated roofing systems allow plenty of air circulation both underneath and on the surface of the roof, and it releases warm air back into the atmosphere, rather than absorbing it.

Whenever a roof features poor ventilation, it often develops mildew growth because moisture from inside the attic begins to condensate on anything that is constructed from metal, such as the flashing and pipe vents. Homeowners who notice large, black streaks on top of their shingles are most likely dealing with a mildew or mold issue.

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Poor ventilation also accounts for higher energy bills because hotter temperatures inside the attic are released into the rest of the home, causing more strain on the air conditioning unit.

The most severe repercussion of improper roof ventilation is premature failure. Excessive heat poses a threat to virtually any type of roofing product, which increases the likelihood that the roof will fail to reach its original estimated lifespan. Heat causes even further damage to roofing systems that feature wooden shakes or asphalt shingles.

There are basically two different types of vents: intake vents and exhaust vents. Whenever roofing contractors install intake vents, they typically position them on the roof eaves or in the soffits, which are directly adjacent to the attic. Many types of soffits even feature a built in ventilation system for enhanced air circulation. During the summertime, fresh, warm air circulates through the intake vents then exits through the exhaust vents, which causes the air inside the attic to become significantly cooler than the outside temperatures. Without proper ventilation, temperatures in the attic can reach 150 degrees if the temperature outside is only 90 degrees.

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