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While icicles are pretty to look at and are one of the hallmark decorations of wintertime, they can cause serious problems on roofing systems, especially roofs made of metal. Ice buildup is not only dangerous due to the possibility that large chunks will come sliding down and hit passersby but because their weight and movement can cause damage to the roof. With these tips and help from an experienced Greenwich roofing company, homeowners can prevent icicles from developing in the first place.

Before winter arrives, property owners can do some work in their homes' attics. Installing R 38 insulation is a cost effective way to boost the home's energy efficiency. The insulation stops warm air from leaking out of the attic. This warm air that causes the development of icicles and ice dams. This insulation comes in a roll form and is quick and simple to install.

Enhancing the attic's ventilation also helps minimize the formation of icicles. If the roof does not already have them, ridge cap vents and soffit vents should be placed so that there is 1 square foot of vent opening per every 150 square feet of roof area.

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Due to the complexity of cutting into metal to make the openings, this task is one best left to the professionals.

Homeowners should also seal around the perimeter of the roof and walls. Even a hairline crack between the wall and roof is enough for warm air to leak out and melt snow. If the water doesn't have anywhere else to go, it will refreeze overnight, creating ice dams or icicles. Spray foam can be used on the interior side of the home. This product is available at most home improvement stores and is applied with a long nozzle that attaches to the top of the bottle. Professional grade spray foam insulation can also be used, although only certified installers can spray them.

When it does snow outside, homeowners can use a roof rake to scrape off as much of the snow as can be reached while standing on the ground. This helps the rest of the snow to be able to slide off the metal without making new icicles.

On the exterior side of the house, silicon caulking helps to seal minute cracks. A bead of caulk can be applied along the wall's entire length where it intersects with the rooftop. The easiest way to apply caulk is with a caulk gun. Use a putty knife to smooth the line of caulk and create a flat surface.

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