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Roof damage can come in various forms. It can come as a result of normal wear and tear and the natural aging process of the roof. However, it can also come as the result of severe weather, which typically brings high winds, driving rain, and hail. Roof damage is something that Greenwich roofing professionals regularly see, because some homeowners neglect basic roof maintenance.

Even though homeowners need to be aware of all the different ways that their home's roof can be put at risk, one area where they want to focus particular attention is heat damage. Warm summer days are anticipated with much excitement by people, but roofs can easily be damaged by high heat during this time of year.

When it comes to managing heat and avoiding heat damage, it all boils down to ventilation. For the most part, it is not the high temperatures alone that can cause damage to a roof. The problem is usually the lack of proper ventilation, which keeps the attic and the roof hot for longer periods of time. Homeowners need to look for signs of heat damage.

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Some indications are lost granules from shingles, damaged flashing, curled shingles, melted shingle adhesive, blistered or cracked shingles, and defective shutters.

Homeowners need to be proactive when looking for signs of this problem and taking steps to fix it. Since ventilation is the key to avoiding heat damage, it is important for a home to maintain consistent temperatures in the attic throughout the entire year.

There are many different attic ventilation practices that can be used to improve airflow. One option is to insulate the attic. This ensures that the area is properly sealed and eliminates heat transfer throughout the entire home. A second option is to install an attic fan. This will draw cool air in from the outside and push out hot air. A third option is to install a ridge vent. This is a ventilation strip that is placed along the ridge line of the roof. Gable vents are another option.

Making sure that the attic is properly sealed is important no matter which ventilation options are selected. If the attic is poorly sealed, temperatures in the attic can rise and damage the roof.

Taking steps to keep a roof cool, well ventilated, and properly sealed will decrease the chances that the home will be damaged by heat. Also, this will prolong the life of the roof and increase the home's energy efficiency.

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