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Greenwich Roofing: Article About Hail and Wind Damage

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There is little disagreement over the fact that hailstorms and strong winds will wreak havoc on any Greenwich roofing system. Only the strongest winds and most sizable hail will cause readily apparent damage, so homeowners should understand that a close inspection of the roofing materials is necessary following the presence of these conditions. If it is not possible to conduct a detailed visual inspection in the immediate aftermath, then there are some other indicators that can be observed to help determine when significant but unseen damage has been sustained.

Strong winds will lift the shingles from the roof decking and expose the underlayment, making it quite evident that those spaces are in need of timely attention. While shingles that have been freed from the roof obviously require replacement, even a close inspection may not reveal which shingles became unsecured from the roof but still remained in place. If left unsecured, these shingles will be more prone to damage during future storms, even during those that are not all that severe and therefore not expected to cause roofing issues.

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Although it is difficult to find the shingles that have sustained this sort of damage, homeowners may be able to spot unsecured shingles by looking for cracks or signs of granule loss, as this is evidence that the wind has lifted them free from the roof decking at some point. When these shingles are identified, they should be replaced or secured back in place as soon as possible.

Hail damage is also difficult to recognize in some circumstances. Large storms that produce golf ball sized hail will leave plenty of evidence behind, including the telltale pockmarks, indentations and even holes in the shingles. Smaller hailstorms, however, will not leave indentations that are nearly as deep and may not cause enough granule loss to leave behind any obvious marks on the shingles. Small hail will still cause damage that requires repair, and there are ways to determine the extent of the issues brought on by this sort of storm.

Immediately following a hailstorm, the homeowner should check the gutters for granules. While the presence of just a few granules is somewhat normal, any serious buildup in the gutter system is a clear indication that the hail has generated extensive granule loss. Since this degrades the shingles and reduces their efficiency, the entire system must be checked to determine which shingles need to be replaced. A close inspection will also reveal which shingles have suffered any indentations that must also be addressed.

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