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Cleaning the gutters is one of the most important duties that homeowners have to attend to. In addition to maintaining the roof's surface, individuals should make sure that their gutters are clear and clean. While homeowners should call Greenwich roofing professionals to have the system taken care of once a year, it is important for homeowners to perform basic maintenance themselves in order to extend the life of their system. Although the maintenance procedure may seem confusing to first time homeowners, it can be easy to complete with just a few simple steps.

Homeowners should begin by locating their downspouts. They should wear safety equipment and make sure that their heads and eyes are protected. Comfortable shoes should always be worn before any type of maintenance begins as well. Once the individual is ready to begin, they can locate their downspouts and start cleaning from there. Users will set their ladders up safely and begin the climb up to inspect the surface of their gutters.

It is strongly recommended for individuals to carry their tools inside of a box or a bucket in order to prevent serious injury and accidents.

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Not only can tools fall out of pockets, but if the individual falls from the ladder, the tools can also contribute to the injury. Homeowners should begin by looking for larger instances of debris that they can remove with their hands. They should move up and outward, removing anything easily clearable as carefully as possible. A second bucket should be brought up for the debris.

After all of the easy debris has been taken care of, homeowners should be sure to continue onto the smaller instances of debris. A small hand shovel can gather up the smaller articles, such as the leaves and clustered aggregate matter. It is important for individuals to be as careful as possible while they move and to avoid forcing the shovel into places that might cause damage to the system.

Once individuals have worked their way to the sides of the eaves trough, it is time to use a hose to spray down the rest of the area. This should be done in the opposite direction of the initial clean. Some type of pressure gun or cleaning accessory will make the task much easier. If the water drains quickly, then homeowners will have less to worry about as it means that there are no further concerns in the gutters. However, if there is some type of blockage in the downspout, homeowners may need to use a snake to finish the job.

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