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Greenwich Roofing: Article About Flat Roof Types and Features

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Greenwich roofing professionals commonly install flat roofs on both residential and commercial buildings, and one of the most common reasons why homeowners prefer a flat roof is because it provides the option for additional outside space, such as a rooftop terrace. There are many different types of flat roof systems available, and each type comes with its own unique set of construction features. It is imperative that a flat roof is professionally installed and that it features a durable waterproof membrane in order to prevent the development of water leaks. These are some of the most popular types of flat roof systems, as well as their associated features.

A single ply membrane flat roof provides the homeowner with flexible color choices, and the membranes come in a variety of different widths, making them easier for roofing professionals to install them. The membranes are most often composed of either a synthetic material or rubber, which both provide enhanced protection against water damage. After the roofing contractors roll out the membranes along the surface of the roof, they will seal all of the seams with adhesives, specialty tape, or by welding them together.

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A built up flat roof, which is also referred to as a multi ply roof, consists of multiple different layers, such as felt and tar paper. After the roofing contractors have installed each layer, they will heavily coat the surface with hot asphalt and then embed it with a layer of gravel. In most cases, the contractors will apply two layers of asphalt and gravel for maximum roof protection.

A modified bitumen flat roof is essentially a membrane type roof that has been chemically engineered to provide enhanced durability and flexibility. Roofing contractors can either install it as part of a built up roofing system or as a standalone membrane roof.

A raised seam metal flat roof is constructed with multiple metal panels that are engineered to allow for excellent expansion and contraction flexibility. The primary benefits associated with this type of roofing system are that it is resistant to becoming punctured, it requires minimal regular maintenance, and it is an energy efficient product.

In addition to these types of popular roofing systems, some homeowners prefer to have a green roof installed instead of a more traditional type of flat roof. Homeowners who are interested in learning more whether a green roof or another type of flat roof might work best for them are encouraged to contact a roofing professional who has had adequate experience with installing them.

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