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While older roofs that have not been properly maintained are more likely to fail in a storm, even new roofs can fail if the storm is severe enough. Roofs can also be compromised if an animal causes damage to the fascia boards or soffits. Winds that exceed 50 miles can tear shingles from the roof. If the roof does sustain serious damage, a Greenwich roofing contractor should be called immediately. Until the roofer can arrive, some basic temporary repairs can be performed to keep further damage to a minimum.

When the roof fails, water will have access to the attic and potentially the living space. The goal is to seal up the holes so that water cannot continue to get into the attic or living space. If there are small holes in the roof that were caused by hail damage or falling tree branches, a piece of aluminum flashing can be installed quickly over the hole. The flashing should be placed under the nearest intact single. It can be nailed down with a roofing shingle or two. This fix should be considered temporary and shingles should be replaced as soon as possible.

If the damage affected a much larger portion of the roof, a small amount of metal flashing will not keep water out.

The roofing experts at Sound Renovation of Greenwich CT can assist you with any questions regarding slate roofing or metal roofing.

A tarp can be quickly draped over the roof. The grommets around the edges of the tarp can be screwed into the roof sheathing to keep the tarp from flying away. This option is useful if the weather subsides for a short time before starting up again. The tarp can be added in the downtime to keep damage to a minimum. A temporary tarp may also be a good option if a roofer can make permanent repairs quickly.

If many homes had their roofs destroyed in the area, it can take some time for an expert roofer to be able to do the repairs. A long term tarp can protect the roof until permanent repairs can be completed. This involves installing a place of plywood over the hole. The plywood is screwed into the undamaged sheathing. The tarp can then be strapped down to the roof using 1x3 strapping.

If temporary fixes are not provided for a failed roof, the homeowner could face further expenses from extensive water damage. In some cases, the roofer may have to tear off the entire roof and potentially even replace some of the roofing components.

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