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About twice each year, homeowners need to clear out the tree debris from inside gutters. As the leaves, seeds, and sticks float in the gutters, some of them get pushed through and into the downspouts. Because the opening of the downspout is relatively narrow, usually with a diameter of just 4 to 6 inches, too many solids can cause an obstruction. Kids' toys, birds' nests, and other objects can also get stuck and create a blockage. Homeowners could contact a local Greenwich roofing company for a downspout clean out service or learn how to disassemble the downspouts on their own.

Any gutter and downspout projects should be conducted on a day with clear and mild weather. A few supplies are needed for this project, including work gloves, a ladder, nut driver, garden hose, and a soft bristled brush.

To begin, remove the screw connecting the downspout's elbow to the downspout. The elbow is the curved piece at the end of the vertical span of drain pipe. In most cases, there is just one screw holding the elbow in place, but there are sometimes two. The nut driver is the best tool for removing screws with hex heads. Use a screwdriver to remove other types of screws. Once the screws are loosened, the elbow is easy to pull off the downspout.

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Set the screws in a safe place as they will be needed in order to reattach the elbow after it has been cleaned.

Next, all the screws holding the downspout straps into place will need to be removed. This can also be done by the nut driver. Most downspouts have at least two straps holding them onto the exterior wall. A two story house with a downspout going all the way to the ground may have 3 or 4 brackets. These screws should also be set aside for reattachment later on. Gently pull the downspout out of its connection with the rain gutter.

Look through the length of downspout to see if there is an obstruction. A flashlight may be helpful to see into the middle of the piece. If an obstruction is found, use a yard stick to push it out. Forceful water sprayed from the garden hose can also help to dislodge most obstructions. Do this to both the long vertical portion of downspout as well as the shorter curved elbow portion. Once water runs freely through both sections, reassemble them and reattach them to the gutter and walls of the home with the saved screws and brackets.

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