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There are several reasons why solar panels are one of the most popular trends in home renovation. Not only do they make for a smaller carbon footprint, but they also cut energy bills and add resale value to any structure. These and more benefits associated with solar panels do entail some key upfront costs that are based on a number of factors.

The solar panel size that should be selected depends on the size of the roof and the efficiency of the solar system. For example, a 300 watt system that is 7 percent efficient will be only half as large as a 300 watt system that is 14 percent efficient. To accurately determine what size solar panel a building needs, a Greenwich roofing specialist can help calculate the installation region's potential solar radiation power by using information from utility bills and radio resource maps. The higher an area's solar radiation potential, the smaller the solar panels have to be in order to function properly.

For homes, systems can range from under $3 per watt to over $7 per watt. The average cost for most residences is $4.72 per watt. Depending on the region, an average homeowner can expect to save from $30,000 to $60,000 on energy bills over a 20 year period.

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Building owners can choose to have their solar panel system tied into the power grid or not. Systems tied into the grid get extra electricity when the solar panels are not producing enough energy. Conversely, if the system is producing too much energy, the excess goes into the grid. Building owners receive a credit on their utility bill when they off load extra energy into the grid, which can help the system pay down some of its own costs. The credit is reduced for energy taken from the grid.

A solar panel system can cost more or less depending on the amount of natural sunlight available at the installation site. Rooftops that receive a high number of sun hours per day require less solar panel wattage to produce power and are therefore less expensive than systems installed on roofs with low sun hours. Potential solar panel owners can check a sun hours map of their area and figure out approximately how many sun hours their roof receives by finding their geographic zone on the map.

For example, the United States is divided into six different zones on the solar insolation map. Zone 1 encompasses the southern tip of Nevada and part of Arizona, and it gets about 6 hours of sunlight per day. Zone 4 cuts a northwest diagonal across the country and gets about 4.5 sun hours a day.

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