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An ideal alternative to traditional asphalt shingles is corrugated metal, which achieves the same upscale aesthetic that many other high end roofing materials feature. In its unpainted state, corrugated metal effortlessly blends in with many color palates because of its grayish tint, but it can also be painted. It is a lightweight yet incredibly durable material that is surprisingly affordable, even with the cost of having a Greenwich roofing expert professionally installing it.

Corrugated metal roofs have become more and more popular in residential applications, even though in the past they were most commonly features on commercial buildings. The primary reason why many homeowners are switching to the product is because of its economic benefits and long lasting features. Many manufacturers offer extended warranties for corrugated metal products, which is an added incentive for many homeowners.

For homeowners who live in regions that tend to deal with occasional wildfires, corrugated metal roofing is a great way to take advantage of lowered homeowner's insurance premiums because it has excellent fire resistant properties. Not only will the material resist catching on fire, but it will also prevent the spreading of flames in the rare case that it ever does catch on fire.

The roofing experts at Sound Renovation of Greenwich CT can assist you with any questions regarding asphalt roofing or metal roofing.

For homeowners who live in coastal regions, corrugated metal is also an ideal choice because the salty air reacts with the metal and creates a coating that provides an additional layer of protection.

Every homeowner deals with occasional inclement weather patterns. Corrugated metal roofing that is constructed with aluminum performs quite well in almost any environment. It resists becoming damaged from strong winds, heavy snow or ice accumulation, and heavy rainfall. For homeowners who frequently experience storms that produce hail, a steel based corrugated metal product might be the best option.

The material is a great way to prevent small animals like raccoons or mice from nesting inside hidden spots underneath the roof and in the attic space because they cannot chew through it. It also prevents insect nesting, which is a common dilemma that can cause major damage to the roof because insects often hide out of plain sight, so before homeowners have enough time to be able to identify their nests, the damage has already been done.

There are some basic maintenance requirements associated with corrugated metal roofs. Homeowner should contact a professional if they notice any signs of corrosion in order to keep it from spreading. If the roof is painted, it might be necessary to touch it up after several years. During the winters, it is also necessary to remove ice buildup with a roof rake in order to prevent rusting.

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