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Greenwich Roofing: Article About Basic Facts About Roof Leaks

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While roof leaks are a common occurrence, they can be extremely difficult to locate. Greenwich roofing experts understand that a spot or stain on the ceiling does not always indicate that there is a roof leak directly above it. Water can travel a long way away from the original entry point, which means that it takes certain skills and experience to be able to determine where the actual leak is located. However, if the source of the leak is not detected within a timely manner, the results can be devastating to both the roof itself and the interior of the home. Here are some basic facts about roof leaks; homeowners who already have leaks of any size are encouraged to contact a professional as quickly as possible in order to avoid extensive roof damage.

As roofs begin to age, it is not uncommon for certain components to become susceptible to developing leaks because each roofing component plays such a major role in preventing water damage. Even if damage happens to a smaller roofing material such as the flashing, it can wreak major havoc inside the home if water is allowed to penetrate through all of the roof layers and into the house. Flashing is used to cover joints and objects on the surface of the roof, and if it becomes loose or loses its sealant, water can trickle down to the eaves and the roof deck and cause wood rot if the leak is not fixed within a timely manner.

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In places where the shingles overlap along the lowest edges of the roof, water leaks can also easily develop. Even if the majority of the roofing shingles are in excellent condition, if a few of them have become loose, cupped, or bowed, water can easily leak into the other components. The dilemma can become magnified during the wintertime if ice and snow begins to accumulate and form a dam; water can begin to pool underneath the dam and eventually work its way beneath the shingles. While many homeowners understand how detrimental ice can be for their roofs, many often make the mistake of attempting to chip away the ice, which can puncture and damage both the shingles and the flashing, allowing even more water to penetrate.

There are a variety of ways in which roofing contractors can locate and repair roof leaks. Increasing attic insulation and ensuring that there is proper ventilation may help to keep them from developing in the first place. In most cases, as long as the contractors have located the sources of the leaks in time, the repairs could be minor in nature.

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